Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux implements UT for ArcGIS and Geocortex


Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux is the electricity distribution company for the northern part of Alsace since more than 100 years. It belongs to 100 % to Électricité de Strasbourg which is a subsidiary to 88% to EDF. Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux is the 2nd largest electricity DSO on the French market after ENEDIS. Strasbourg Électricité Réseaux (SER) develops and maintains an electricity and telecom grid on its territory and connects 530 000 clients within 409 local authorities through a 15 000 km long electricity network. In 2017, SER issued an European tender for a new GIS, which was won in November 2018 by AED-SICAD and its business partner SIGGIS SAS after a very thorough selection process. AED-SICAD’s UT for ArcGIS and Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex will be implemented for the branches electricity and telecom. A large number of third party IT systems will be connected using AED-SICAD’s UT Integrator.

AED-SICAD GmbH (AED-SICAD), Bonn/Munich, Germany, is the leading GIS application company in Europe. More than 130 utilities in Europe, Middle East and Africa are using the UT for ArcGIS product suite. Their portfolio comprises high-end geographical information systems for the key segments utilities, cadastre and land management. With UT for ArcGIS for the utility industry and LM on ArcGIS for cadastre and land management, AED-SICAD develops cutting edge GIS applications and solutions based on the worldwide leading ArcGIS core technology.

SIGGIS SAS, Paris/Brussels (part of NRB Group), is a value-added reseller of ArcGIS, UT for ArcGIS and Geocortex solutions mainly in Belgium and France. SIGGIS is specialised in Enterprise and Web GIS implementations and counts more than 50 customers on the combined ArcGIS-Geocortex or UT platforms. SIGGIS implements enterprise wide connected Geospatial systems based built mainly on configuration and minimum custom development in order to maximize transferability, ROI and long-term maintenance of the developed solutions.

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