VisuRIS: visualisation of the River Information Services (RIS) by means of an advanced web portal for inland navigation.


RIS stands for River Information Services: a package of diverse services aimed at optimising the shipping and navigation process on Flemish inland waterways. RIS streamlines the exchange of information between waterway managers and users, thus enhancing the safety and increasing the efficiency.

The VisuRIS project is aimed at visualising RIS by means of a wide range of user-friendly GIS applications such as: a back-end GIS for data management, multi-screen visualisation applications for control rooms, a routing application for inland navigation, an alert system for the notification of dangerous situations, an interactive portal site and mobile apps providing quick and easy access to vital information.

SIGGIS has joined forces with ALSIC in THV Aqua Portalis to deliver this complex and challenging project successfully. Optimal ergonomics and design of the user interface have been achieved thanks to the expertise of the Human Interface Group.

During the 2017 BeGeo congress, the VisuRIS application won 2 Geospatial Awards: one for best project in the ‘government’ category and the Public Award. The Geospatial Awards are co-organised by Flagis and AM/FM GIS Belux, two associations of professional spatial data and technology users.

“With the rollout of VisuRIS, Flanders has become a pioneer in the European Union. Our technology has earned a reputation of best practice in other countries. This is something to be proud of! Flanders boasts an extensive network of inland waterways with over 1,000 kilometres of navigable rivers and canals. VisuRIS has modernised our network and increased its efficiency, which is positive for entrepreneurs.”

– Ben Weyts, Flemish Minister of Mobility

“VisuRIS is the perfect tool for inland navigation in the 21st century. The software calculates your itinerary, taking into consideration the water levels, tides, operating hours and calamities. The current traffic situation as visualised in VisuRIS helps make shipping traffic much more fluent and safer.”

– Eng. Chris Danckaerts, managing director of De Vlaamse Waterweg nv