GeoPortal: an efficient and user-friendly GIS platform to publish geographical information from a central GIS server.

Geo Portal


ASTRID NV is the operator of Belgium’s national network for radio communication, paging and control rooms destined for the emergency and security services.

It is crucial that control room operators are able to locate emergency calls accurately and quickly. SIGGIS has been selected to create an efficient and user-friendly GIS platform aimed at making diverse geographical information from a central GIS server available to a large number of end users. The national GeoPortal ensures the creation, maintenance, management and publication of current and future geographical data for approximately 300 desktop users and approximately 500 mobile clients via 3G. Its mission comprises the delivery, implementation, testing and maintenance of the entire GIS platform, including data integration, documentation, support and user training.

The solution implemented by SIGGIS is based on Esri’s ArcGIS and Latitude Geographics’s Geocortex. A logical architecture has been selected featuring three levels: data level (geodatabase), web service level (ArcGIS for Server) and application level (Geocortex). Standard integration procedures have been used with a minimum of customisation. Particular attention has been paid to user-friendliness, an intuitive user interface (including for the management application), robustness and of course security and authentication.

“GeoPortal perfectly illustrates the way ASTRID wants to cater to the needs in the field: by listening to users, jointly setting priorities and seeking the most efficient solution. We preferred using an existing GIS web application with numerous accurate information sources instead of opting for an additional, cumbersome, time-consuming and probably expensive adaptation of the CAD control room technology.”

– Marc De Buyser, CEO of ASTRID.