De Watergroep

A new GIS viewer for water and sewage networks with extensive functionalies for spatial analysis and data management.

De Watergroep

De Watergroep is the largest drinking water company in Flanders, managing a network of 30,000 kilometres of water pipes to supply over 2.8 million customers and hundreds of businesses in 171 municipalities. In addition, De Watergroep focuses on integrated, economically and ecologically responsible management of industrial and waste water.

The purpose of the new GIS viewer is to expand the use of geographical information both within and outside the office environment. The goal is to implement an online GIS viewer for the drinking water network with editing, spatial analysis, tracing, printing and exporting functionalities, including an intuitive management application featuring authentication and a mobile offline viewer. Because the architecture is based on configurable commercial software (Esri’s ArcGIS and Latitude Geographics’s Geocortex), De Watergroep can provide the most cost-efficient solution both in the short and in the long term. As a result, only configuration and no programming is needed to fullfil all functional and non-functional requirements. Thanks to the use of Spatial Application Infrastructure (SAI) software, any configuration can be easily reused and maintained.

SIGGIS has ensured a rapid and succesful implementation of the new GIS viewer. Opting for standard software has enabled De Watergroep to meet the deadline set and to implement any extensions of and adjustments to the viewer in a completely independent manner.

“The focus of the new GIS viewer is on user-friendliness and excellent availability for all possibe applications. The aim is that geographical information becomes an integral part of all working processes, so-called ‘Enterprise GIS’.”

– De Watergroep annual report