Business Analysis

Business analysis is aimed at the definition and improvement of your business processes. Business processes are constantly subject to change and need to contribute optimally to the achievement of the business goals. IT is the discipline that ensures the business processes are as effective and efficient as possible. Within the scope of this discipline, GIS integration can further enhance the efficiency of your business processes.

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System Integration

By means of system integration, SIGGIS ensures your GIS is linked to your other IT systems and processes. Such an integration is based on consultation. In addition, we need to take the applicable rules and standards (internal, external, legal, etc.) into consideration. This primarily results in a consolidated design of the entire system architecture.

An example of our experience in system integration is the implementation and integration of GIS systems for various utility companies and public administrations.

We have built up a great deal of experience with GIS system integration in utility companies and public administrations, and we collaborate with partners in case we do not have any in-house expertise.

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Geospatial Analysis

Spatial information is more than just a dot on a map. A thorough analysis is required to maximise the usefulness of such information. Of course, this implies you have the necessary know-how and experience with regard to spatial analysis, spatial statistics, modelling and IT.

Our consultants are spatial scientists, including (bio)engineers and geographers, and they have been trained to conduct theoretical and practice-oriented research. They can perform analyses to solve any geo-IT-related problems. On the basis of well-founded arguments and modellings, we develop recommendations as to our customers’ current working methods.

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Data Processing

Integrating GIS into your operational management will only be successful if you have appropriate data. Big data and real-time datasets are part of our area of expertise. We can provide guidance in the choice, integration and conversion of existing datasets. In addition, we can also assist you in the development of completely new datasets.

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You have geographical data and want to use them to create a map. You also wish this map to serve as a communication tool, and of course you want this map to be easily understood by your target audience. However, creating such a map is not as simple as it seems. Often, too much information is shown while the colours and symbols are unclear.

We make our cartographic expertise available to tackle this challenge. We can help you bring your communication in line with the rules of cartography. Just like a language, cartography comes with its own orthography, grammar and style properties.

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Application Development

Our application developers integrate GIS into other IT systems on the basis of standard platforms and development tools. To do so, they use the following tool sets and platforms:

  • .NET and Java
  • Web technology: HTML, HTML5 and REST API’s JavaScript
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows

Every application development is set within the Zachmann Framework. Its development is carried out on the basis of customised project methods (Prince2 or Agile).

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Training Courses

SIGGIS offers classroom GIS training courses as well as private training.

We also provide you with the entire range of ArcGIS and Geocortex training courses. In addition to scheduled training courses, you can also order customised training.

You can find an overview of our trainings on Training Program SIGGIS

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GIS Profiles

SIGGIS consists of an extensive team of geo-IT experts. To support your work and projects, you can make use of the following profiles at SIGGIS:

The Business Analyst supervises the process of defining the need and the problem and of listing the desired (and possible) functionalities. Our business analysts are well versed in this area of expertise, as a result of which they quickly become acquainted with the company-specific issues. Thanks to their thorough knowledge of the possibilities of GIS and related technologies, you can rest assured that the recommendations are aligned to our customers’ specific needs to the greatest extent possible.

The business analyst will ensure that your idea of optimum GIS integration is developed to the fullest extent. In the process, you will receive a detailed plan supported by a needs assessment, which will result in use cases and a functional design.

A System Architect will lead the technical discussions on system design and the accompanying IT architecture. Our system architects follow the technological developments and trends impacting the progress of software applications closely with a particular focus on GIS developments. A system architect will design a well-founded and complete system architecture for the desired GIS integration.

A Project Manager will lead the project from start-up to delivery and support. Our project managers have a great deal of experience and can provide substantive support to GIS operators, consultants and engineers. They also monitor the content progress, timing and agreed budgets in line with the selected methodology.

Thanks to the project manager, any GIS project will be completed on time, within budget and according to the specifications.

A GIS Consultant is an expert in the GIS platforms, extensions, databases and scripting offered. Our GIS consultants can be widely deployed and will contribute efficiently to the developments and implementation of the desired workflows and tools. They can also be deployed for your production activities such as dataset editing and processing or the production of complete maps.

Our GIS Developers also have extensive knowledge of the GIS platforms, databases and accompanying programming platforms and scripting. Our GIS developers can be widely deployed to develop and implement GIS modules and workflows. They can contribute to pure GIS projects as well as to the integration of GIS components into other corporate systems such as websites, CRM, ERP, CAD, FM and BI.

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