SIGGIS Company Profile

SIGGIS NV is a Belgian company specialised in the integration, development, training and support of geographic information systems (GIS). Besides Belgium, we are also active in Germany, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Africa.

SIGGIS stands for “Spatial Intelligence Genuine & Generic IT Solutions”: the integration of spatial intelligence into the business processes of organisations.

SIGGIS always advocates a target-oriented and pragmatic approach. Thanks to our extensive experience in various fields and a healthy mix of trained and experienced staff (IT specialists, engineers and spatial scientists) we manage to quickly empathise with the specific needs of users time and again. SIGGIS is always looking for future-oriented solutions based on technology that has already proven its reliability. We are only satisfied when the result is transferable, accessible and ‘open’ so that you have the proper know-how, self-reliance and autonomy to get the most out of your investment.

SIGGIS was established in 2008 by Henri Van Oosterwyck and Lieven Verheust, two highly experienced GIS experts. The company currently has about forty employees and an annual turnover of approximately € 5 million. Since May 2018, SIGGIS became part of the NRB group, together with CEVI and Logins. With a consolidated turnover of 323 million euros and more than 2,000 employees, the NRB Group is a true leader in the Belgian ICT sector.

Since 2010, SIGGIS follows a strict quality management system based on the internationally recognised ISOO9001:2008 standard, currently ISO 9001:2015. Within this scope we focus on effective customer satisfaction measurement and the resulting quality care and continuous improvement of business processes. Thanks to this continuous attention to quality, SIGGIS has evolved into a customer-oriented, effective and efficient organisation.

SIGGIS is an active and committed member of the trade associations which promote the use of geo-information in Belgium. These trade associations include Flagis and AM-FM GIS BeLux.

The SIGGIS group employs staff members with complementary profiles who can perform a wide range of assignments both independently and as a team. As you probably know, the IT landscape evolves quickly because of its innovative nature. SIGGIS therefore attaches great importance to further training and continuing education of staff members through training courses, private study to obtain certificates as well as through participation in workshops and international conferences.



Geographic information and spatial thinking provide added value for any organisation, but in particular in the public sector and for utility companies. SIGGIS provides services to a number of cities and municipalities, to practically all Flemish provinces, to all regional governments in Belgium, to several federal public services and even to international organisations such as the European Commission. All major drinking water companies in Flanders make use of the services of SIGGIS, and the same applies to Eandis (distribution system operator) and Elia (transmission system operator).

SIGGIS has completed hundreds of projects, ranging from short additional training courses in our classroom to long-term framework contracts in the client’s offices. Some examples:

  • GIS needs assessment and business analysis
  • Complete GIS projects (functional and technical analysis, development, testing, installation, documentation, training, support during warranty period)
  • Adaptive maintenance and migration of current GIS environments
  • Management, migration, processing and spatial analysis of geographic data and cartographic reporting
  • Integration of Enterprise GIS with other Enterprise systems and business processes (ERP, BI,…)
  • Delivery and maintenance of GIS software, including helpdesk
  • GIS training courses on the basis of standard or customised training materials


In line with our corporate vision, SIGGIS is always looking for future-oriented solutions based on technology that has already proven its reliability.

SIGGIS is a preferred partner and distributor of Esri (Redlands, CA, USA), the world leader in GIS software. All SIGGIS employees have and maintain an excellent knowledge of the ArcGIS platform and of spatial databases.

SIGGIS also distributes a wide range of aligned specific solutions with added value to accommodate to the requirements of the assignment. These include Geocortex (Latitude Geographics), UT (AED-SICAD), FME (Safe Software), sdi.suite (con terra), ConnectMaster (Dynamic Design), Galigeo, GEONIS Plant Management (Geocom) and Oracle. These building blocks ensure that the developments and custom work remain limited for each individual assignment. Thanks to the above-mentioned companies and the accompanying global user community, they ensure that the offered solution is always future proof and can effortlessly evolve along with mainstream IT.

Apart from these specific GIS technology suppliers, SIGGIS also boasts a large network of IT companies with which ad-hoc partnerships are formed for the implementation of projects. These partners are responsible for complementary substantive or technical aspects (such as knowledge of the client’s sector and its business processes, hardware, hosting and design) and provide additional resources so that we can successfully complete the project in time.