Elevation for ArcGIS Pro

By using Elevation for ArcGIS Pro users will be able to research and query more efficiently any bathymetric or other elevation datasets. Whenever you need a quick profile then this is the tool for you.

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The Elevation add-in is an intuitive tool to create profile graphs showing any number of elevation datasets. The graphs will show height as well as relative and absolute difference between height or depth.

Secondly, Elevation, offers a simple tool to highlight all areas that are lower than a selection location.

The ease of use and graphic clarity of the Elevation add-in contributes greatly to your productivity when working with height and depth information. Profiles can be created based on lines, polylines or curves, and afterwards consulted and manipulated intuitively. Resulting graphs can be exported to CSV, PNG or a copy on your computers clipboard.

Typical use cases of the Elevation add-in for ArcGIS Pro:

  • Monitor progress of offshore projects by quickly comparing bathymetric surveys
  • Quick profile creation for roadworks
  • Work progress estimations in mining
  • Graphic enrichment when reporting on elevation data
  • Export profile data for further research
  • Increase the use and thus added value of elevation data in your processes.

The ArcGIS Pro Elevation add-in is relevant to possibly all organizations using GIS, like construction companies, natural resources agencies, utility network managers, the acceptance of construction projects and mining.

Some key features of Elevation:

  • Use all sorts of elevation raster data
  • Highlight all areas lower than a selected spot
  • Quick creation of graphs
  • Enable the visualization of actual measuring points
  • Sampling distance control
  • Optional graph smoothing
  • Compare elevation data sets and show relative or absolute differences in the graph
  • Export data, including coordinates, to CSV
  • Export graph to PNG or clipboard
  • Configurable colors
  • Multiscreen possibilities or dock windows within ArcGIS Pro

Elevation is developed by SIGGIS as add-in for ArcGIS Pro version 2.2 or higher, and can be use with ArcGIS Desktop levels Basic, Standard and Advanced.