RealView for ArcGIS Pro

By using the RealView add-in for ArcGIS Pro you will benefit quickly from photos collected during field work or other site visits. Use the RealView add-in as an intuitive tool to load images, both flat oblique or panoramic 360 degree pictures in ArcGIS Pro, add titles and descriptions accordingly. Georeferencing can be done via the data stored in the photo’s metadata or manually. Once loaded the related images can be reused and shared easily via web services.

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Secondly, RealView offers simple tools to use, directly in ArcGIS Pro, Google Streetview* and Bing Bird’s Eye View*. This contributes greatly to your productivity, since it is no longer needed to manually arrange point of views in external browsers showing Streetview and Bird’s Eye. All is now managed from within ArcGIS Pro: click a location in the ArcGIS Pro map window and the related Bird’s Eye and Streetview windows will positioned accordingly**. Tools to navigate within this imagery are maintained for both Google and Bing.

Overall, RealView enables its users to benefit from all possible imagery and increase situational awareness from within ArcGIS Pro, from behind your office desk.

Typical use cases of the RealView add-on for ArcGIS Pro:

  • Support projects by proving as-is situations with most up-to-date photos
  • Properly process and organize collected photos from the field
  • Share your georeferenced photos with field staff, clients or others stake holders, including if so desired the general public.
  • Verify asset inventories by using more easily the available reference imagery of Bing and Google
  • Organize field work faster and more accurately, both in preparation as in follow up.

The ArcGIS Pro RealView add-in is relevant to possibly all organizations using GIS, like public maintenance services, utility network interventions, the acceptance of construction projects, registration of emergency service tasks, publish landmark photos for tourism or record various observations.

Some key features of RealView:

  • Use both flat oblique and panoramic 360 degrees images
  • Position your images on the map by reusing the location stored in the metadata of the image or georeference manually
  • Add titles and descriptions to photos.
  • Be informed about the actual creation dates of situational photos
  • Share your images via webservices
  • Register your usage keys for Google and Bing
  • Options to synchronize views of map and imagery
  • Multiscreen possibilities or dock windows within ArcGIS Pro
  • Show the location, orientation and angle of view of Google Streetview in the map

RealView is developed by SIGGIS as add-in for ArcGIS Pro version 2.

  • RealView can be use with ArcGIS Desktop levels Basic, Standard and Advanced.

* The acquisition and usage of RealView does not cover the terms and conditions, and possible license fees, of Google, Bing or other copyright holders. Please note that for example architectural sites, brands or art may also carry copyrights. The application was however approved by Google regarding the user interface.
** Depending on availability of images